Structural Inspections

The kind of inspection and report that a Structural Engineer would carry out differs from that which a building surveyor might provide.

The latter is sometimes referred to as a “full structural survey”, although in recent years this has become more commonly known as a “building survey”.

As Engineers, we will be concerned with those elements of the building that contribute to structural stability and will be looking specifically for any evidence of recent or ongoing movement, cracking, distortions and the like that could be indicative of local or general structural defects.

Wherever possible we will advise upon likely cause and remedy of such defects from direct inspection of visible areas. This kind of engineers report is referred to as a “limited structural inspection”, i.e limited to those areas that are accessible and will generally be produced in the form of a letter of report.

In certain circumstances it may be necessary to carry out more intrusive investigations to expose specific elements for more detailed appraisal, in which case, we will advise accordingly.

In situations where alterations or extensions are proposed, we can consider the effect and feasibility of such and provide appropriate advice.