Structural Alterations

When planning or considering making any structural alteration to your building it is advisable to engage the services of a Structural Engineer. This applies to all structures commercial or residential and whether brick/masonry, steel framed, concrete or timber.

Anybody can knock through or remove walls.  However, how do you know for example whether or not it is a load bearing wall.   A Structural Engineer will be able to carry out an inspection and assess the proposals so to identify whether any additional measures are required

  • If the wall is load bearing
  • If a support beam required
  • If alterations to foundations are required to support work planned i.e. extensions or loft conversions
  • If modifications to the roof structure are required

Other considerations when making structural alterations to your building are that

  • You may need to apply to your Local Authority for Building Regulation approval
  • You need to ensure your building remains safe during the alteration stage

As experienced Chartered Structural Engineers we can provide services covering the full scope of a scheme from conception through to completion.

  • Visit the site discuss and advise on proposals, carry out a measured survey, produce design drawings and the calculations to go with it
  • Apply on your behalf for Building Regulation approval and any Planning consent that may be required
  • Prepare specifications for the work required, obtain tender prices from known contractors and supervise the works through to completion

Examples of projects
New builds
Conversion of basement, garage or loft space
Structural alterations to a property
Retaining walls
Roof modifications
Industrial units
Sports and Leisure facilities
Swimming pools